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Woooo Hoooo I did it !

We all have at least one brilliant idea that we are not sure about but we also can’t seem to shake it. This is my thing.

The vision for this site came to me just over two years ago. I was so amped to do it. Just as quickly as my desire came, the motivation left. After a photoshoot and several meetings with a web designer, my zeal just fizzled. Then came the distractions, and for a while, I decided maybe this just wasn’t meant for me to do.

Every single time I got amped up to get it done, life pulled my attention to something more pressing: Being a football mom and the demands of my teenage son’s training and travel and practices and games; tending to the needs of my smart, sassy, energetic preschooler; dreadful dating disappointments; getting a promotion at my full-time job and adjusting to the increased pulls on my time -- the list goes on and on. Sometimes, we just need help prioritizing the competing demands in our lives. Sometimes they aren’t really distractions at all; we just need to get up off our butts and stop being lazy. In my case, it has been a mixture of the two.

So anyway, here I am. Several years later, and I’m doing the thing!

Can I be real? The zeal is still sometimes not there. Even as I write these words, all I can think about is eating an entire row of Oreos and curling up on my couch to take a nap. What I learned during my two-year pause is that you won’t always feel like it; sometimes it will be a serious press to move forward. And nothing has changed in my life; I’m still a mom, dating is still kicking my butt, I’ve been furloughed from a job that I found myself falling in love with. And, let’s be real: launching a passion project is incredibly scary! What if people don’t like it? What if it doesn’t actually help people? The fear and self-doubt struggle is real.

But I’ve made up my mind to “do it anyway.” Because here’s the deal: Sure, there are others who do what you do, but no one can do it like YOU. The uniqueness and authenticity of your vision is important, and what I’ve come to realize is it’s selfish to hold back on what you know you’ve been assigned to do.

Knowing that someone could be reading this right now feeling inspired to pursue her passion through whatever reservations she may have is what kept me from taking the nap that I’ve been wanting to take, buckle down, and get it done, sis!

Thank you to everyone who has shown Jewel Rules some love. This has been a long time coming, and I never imagined launching a blog would take so much. Woohoo! I did it!

Oh. And P.S. - I did eat my weight in Oreos, but the important part is that I kept going!


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