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...Ultimately, what I'm saying is, "whew, chile, I have been there, now ... let's put it all out there, flourish and thrive together!" 

Case Studies

Iris Designs is a prominent website and branding agency. Business and the demand for their time has grown. Specifically, they needed support to maintain their social media presence and strategically market a newly launched master class. As their social media manager, we’ve seen significant growth in their social media following and engagement, resulting in an ROI.

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Sparxs Studio needed to jump-start their brand awareness and build some “street cred” in the media as they prepared to launch a new streaming platform. As a full-service publicist, I helped them clearly define their goals, build a steady online presence, and most importantly, get them some press coverage. They received enough coverage to build a relationship with local media and broaden their reach. 


Mark Carter, the owner of This Lil Dog of Mine, needed a copywriter. While capable of writing his own blogs, he sought a way to free up some of his time. His preference was for someone who had SEO knowledge. Now, eight months after I began blogging for him, he’s been able to utilize his spare time effectively while maintaining a consistent flow of copy on the blog portion of his website.

Ms. Moore needed a writer who could construct a compelling memoir of her life. She had previously faced challenges finding someone who could both ease her mind in telling the complex parts of her story while also handling the emotional impact for themselves. After spending time getting to know her, learning her voice, and endgame, I put her on a writing schedule that was not emotionally tasking while setting her up to flow right into a continuation book.

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