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Whew, chile. Throw The Whole Box Away!

As a part of my brand, I have committed to being an open book. Jewel Rules is here for the creative, the faith walker, the mother, and the single woman. It’s my ambition to create a community of openness, not just about the wins but the Ls. I want to be brave enough to talk about the things women often feel embarrassed to talk about.

Behind all the cute branding photos, there is a real woman with real challenges in every area of her life. I’m going to talk about it all because I know someone is reading who needs to know that they are not alone on the struggle bus!

A few days ago, I made a post for the single women, which is not off-brand for me at all. An old friend slid in my DM to ask if I were ok because it seemed as if I had been going through. This is not the first time I had gotten an “are you ok” message after a post. While I clarified that I was, in fact, ok and that this was just my brand, I also had a moment of questioning myself and the dedication that I have made to my audience. I spent several days second-guessing myself because I was afraid that my friends would think I was just Facebook venting with every post.

Here’s what I have decided; everyone won’t understand you. That is not your business. You can’t let opinion punk you out of your vision. I spent years in a constant state of hesitation, and once I finally decided to take the leap, I resolved to never go back in the box.

Guess what? I don’t always get it right as a mother, business is scary, and I have had tons of broken hearts, and I’m still going to talk about it because we are all learning and growing and elevating together.

So, I guess if there were a message here for you, it would be to not box yourself in because of what people may think or say. It’s ok if they don’t get it. Be consistent and dedicated to your lane. They either catch on, or you realize that they just aren’t your audience. Which is also very much ok!


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