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We are all Just out Here Winging It!

Hey Darlings!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about his week. So many things are happening in every facet of my life with multiple learning opportunities in the mix. The consistent theme, however, has been me wondering how the heck I’m going to make things work. Many of us are launching businesses, taking new career paths, making significant changes in our homes, taking our lives in new directions.

I am trying to figure out how to maneuver through life at the moment. Launching a blog and putting myself out there as an entrepreneur has been an enormous blessing, but over the last few weeks, I feel like I’m trying to catch up with my life. I’ve been in full time entrepreneurship for the last few months with no comfy full-time job to fall back on. That in and of itself has been hella scary! The opportunities came faster than I anticipated (absolutely not a bad problem to have), and now I am trying to adjust, schedule, figure things out as I go. I’m not even going to get into the financial challenges! There have been many moments of frustration that had me wondering if I am doing the right thing or if I even have what it takes. I’m gonna be real: I will probably have plenty more of those moments.

Not having it all figured out in the middle of a major transition will have you wanting to turn around and go back to where you came from. Don’t you ever give in to that temptation. You’re already out there! Keep moving. Stop second-guessing yourself. Just because you’re doing what you are called to do doesn’t mean there won’t be some type of resistance. It also doesn’t mean you have stopped learning. None of us will ever get to the point where we have arrived. The need to be sharpened is not an indication of incompetence. I’ve had to ask for help so much during this journey.

I’m learning to trust in my God-given destiny when I’m feeling unsure. We are birthing visions, which means everything we need to thrive therein has already been provided. Remember that the next time you start doubting your greatness!


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