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Walking on Water

When I launched this site, I promised you guys real, and this post is full of that. If I could name this season of my life, it would be "walking on water." These last few months have been eventful, and while I've been quiet, it's only because I've been trying to find the right words to articulate this learning process. I've had to relinquish every bit of my comfort zone. While I realize it is necessary, it feels less than great, to say the least.

I have always been a "push through the fear and have faith" kinda girl. Recently, though, the fear has almost been paralyzing. You know, that fear that keeps you stuck in situations and relationships that you good and well you shouldn't be in. I have felt the tug in my heart to go into entrepreneurship full-time for some time. I've just been waiting for that perfect moment of "ready." Of course, that moment never arrived, so I remained stuck working a job that no longer served me.

Six months ago, I was placed on furlough and invested every ounce of that downtime into building my business, all while in the back of my mind fully expecting this company to call me back once the world opened back up. When the furlough deadline was up, and I did not receive that call, I started to panic a bit. You would think since business was doing well, I would be ok with that. I was not ok. I wanted my comfort back, the consistency of a paycheck, and the feeling of having something to fall back on just in case my business failed.

So, I did what any fear written human would do in my situation; I took an entry-level part-time job in an industry completely foreign to me. Yes, in hindsight, I realize it's the most ridiculous decision I could have ever made, and I soon started to feel the backlash of my irrational move. I quickly became drained, depressed, stressed, and unable to keep up with business demands. I knew what needed to happen, but I subjected myself to weeks of this emotional torture because of fear.

Last week I reached my breaking point and decided to leave. On that same day, I finally got an update on my furlough status. Needless to say, they officially canned me! The river of tears that I cried on this day was unreal. Did I know this was the right path for me? Yes, absolutely! But when you've been so dependent on your comfort zone for so long, letting go can be tremendously hard! I gave myself a day to feel all the feels. The next morning, I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My mind was finally free and clear to think and create. I started to feel hope and the confidence in my God-given destiny restored.

I say all this to say, comfort zones are overrated! Stop robbing yourself of the life you've dreamed of just because the current one feels just a little bit more secure. No, I'm not saying you should up and quit your job tomorrow, but I am saying that the time will never be perfect. Conditions will never be ideal. When you're not on the right path, you'll know. You will feel fear; for a moment, you may even give in to that fear. It all boils down to you, deciding to no longer be what stands in the way of the life you were called to live.

If you're reading this, yearning to take a leap of faith in some way, I promise while it doesn't feel great, it's not so bad. Why be comfortable when you can defy the odds and walk on water?


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