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Under Construction

You ever have those moments in your life when in your head you’re living your best life, and then, BAM God says, “No, further still.”? Those moments can often be humbling, but I believe they are meant to remind us never to get too comfortable. As life goes on and the world around us advances. New opportunities for us to grow are intertwined in that. Sometimes we are so distracted by our safe spaces, and we miss those opportunities. Then something or several things happen that knocks us flat on our butts. I’m here to tell you, I can relate!

I’ve visited “on my butt land” more times than I could count. During those times, I’m shown where I need to realign; I learn new things about myself, I even realize that there are some things/people I need to disconnect from…it’s a season of pruning. For a while, I spent more time than I should have there because I got caught up in the woe is me of it all. Now I’m learning to pout about it just a little, then remind myself that I am under construction…which is actually a really good thing.

When we get too comfortable, we tend to need to be forced out of that zone to see what amazing things are on the horizon. None of us have arrived. There is always room for learning, growing, improving. Who wants to dwell in stagnancy?

My advice is just to ride the wave. Sometimes that means pushing through the hard stuff, including some disappointment. Remind yourself that this too shall pass. In the end, you’ll come out on top and be thankful for the journey. Underneath all the messy of construction is a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of blossoming.


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