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Hype woman on deck...

It’s not that big of a deal…. Excuse me?? IT IS ABSOLUTELY IS A HUGE deal! I am a firm believer in celebrating all the things! Stagnancy is a no no in my book and if you’re gaining ground towards the life that you’ve been dreaming about, I SUPPORT 100%. Consider me your official hype woman! I’m here to tell you that progress is progress and you should celebrate it every single chance you get. We tend to find it easier to be hard on ourselves about the mistakes we make. Listen, keep that SAME energy when it comes to gassing yourself up over the things you accomplish. I don’t care if you purchased a home or walked for 5 minutes for the first time. The fact that you started somewhere and made progress is the important part and I’m here for it! Sometimes baby steps is all we have the strength to take but they don’t stay small! Small victories turn into giant accomplishments! Don’t ever let someone tell you it’s not a big deal and most important don’t ever tell yourself that! Yes, people will sleep on you but please don’t ever be in the position of sleeping on yourself. So, if you started a business, published a book, successfully potty trained your toddler or didn’t respond to that “wyd” text (tuh, he tried it sis); YOU DID IT and I’m so happy for you!


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