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Finding Your Flow as you Go

I'll be honest. There are lots of times when I have no idea what I'm doing. At times I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and praying that I somehow nail it.

I used to feel bad about that. I always had to remind myself that I'm new to this, that I'm still trying to find my footing and fall into my unique flow. That doesn't happen overnight. When I first decided to launch out, I knew that I am called to entrepreneurship, the only thing I've ever wanted to be in life is a writer, and I want to help people as a writer. Knowing that was enough to ignite passion and faith to get started. I've had so many moments of wondering, "now that I'm out here, what the heck do I do next? What's my thing?"

My very first paid gig was to ghostwrite a book. I've never written a whole book before, but I enthusiastically took on the job. Not only that, but I was also brave enough to actually charge "real money." The moment we signed the contract, I went into an absolute panic. I immediately began to question myself and even considered calling her back and agreeing to do it for free. Whew, y'all!!!

I'm so glad I didn't. Ghostwriting a book takes so much time, and I don't care where you are in the entrepreneur process; your time is valuable. But, most important, while dealing with my new client, I found my why! Earlier this week, we met, and she was giving me feedback on the book so far. The happiness on her face was such a blessing to my heart. She went on and on about how I've been able to properly articulate what she needed to say to tell her story.

Her smile and excitement in her voice were all I needed. Just like that, I found my flow. I've been able to combine my love for storytelling with my passion for helping others tell theirs. Knowing that is enough to maintain my zeal on the broke days, or when another client tells me I need to step my game up, during the late nights and early mornings, and during those moments when I want to flat out give up and apply at McDonald's (I actually said that this week y'all).

I say all this to say, if you are just starting in your journey to living your dream or even if you're in the thick of it, have no fear. Sometimes it's about finding your flow as you go, and that's ok! When you do, you'll know, and it will be the thing that keeps you grounded when you want to be swept away by your emotions.


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