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To my Single Jewels

As it pertains to love and relationships, I’ve always been an “I’m waiting on the Lord,” kinda girl. If I can be transparent for a moment, this area of my life has been a real test of faith lately. It has become increasingly more difficult to just be patient. I’m not sure if that is a biological clock thing or the high number of engagements I’ve been seeing on social media. It really gets challenging when I meet an incredibly amazing man and end up getting the “I can’t give you more” speech. I always really wanted to respond with, Excuse me sir, why? Are you not able to see how ridiculously wonderful I am?

I’m stuck somewhere between throwing in the towel and giving into a forever single life, and thanking God for not allowing me to settle. In either direction, it’s hard. Dating is the ghetto sometimes, and the older I get the more discouraged I find myself. I often wonder if something is wrong with me, and get irrationally mad that somebody’s big headed son doesn’t want to love me.

I cannot possibly be the only one feeling this way, so I’m going to tell you what I have to tell myself on a daily basis: While you’re a work in progress, you are also an authentically handcrafted Jewel. Not everyone can afford you — and even if they could, not everyone would know what to do with you. Jewels are to be handled with care and you never want to find yourself in the wrong hands. A man should be perfected in the art of you. You were created to enhance whatever atmosphere you’re in, and one day you will enhance the life of a king. In the meantime you have all you need to thrive where you are.

Will there be ghetto days? Absolutely! There will also be beautiful days. Whatever the day, with every waking, breathing moment God will show you how you should be uniquely loved. That’s the thing about Jewels: They require specific care. So let’s resolve together that no matter how hard it gets we wait for that authentic love.


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